Marina Grande is located on the northern side of the island. Travel between the Marina Piccola and the Marina Grande occurs by circling around the Faraglioni stacks. Before 1928, docking took place directly in the bay, but it has since been developed into a port and seaside resort with a notable beach, which is the largest on the island.[7][8] A small square overlooks the port surrounded by “the characteristic houses of Capri, rendered typical by the terraces, the balconies, the open galleries and the multi-coloured facades of the town, brightened by the “Pompeian red”, which is one of the most intense notes of colour along the whole Neapolitan coast.” The town is also characterized by steep terraced slopes with Mediterranean flora. A Corinthian capital lies on a high pedestal at the end of the western wharf, testament to the Roman presence in the area.(source: Wikipedia)